Our Core Values

First Assembly of God Core Values

  1. We believe in being Pentecostal. The early church was gifted with God’s Holy Spirit who empowered the early believers to live above and beyond the world around them. We believe that very same empowerment of God’s Holy Spirit is available today!
  2. We believe in being Christ centered. Jesus Christ came so that we may have life, and have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10) Therefore, everything that we do must be centered on Jesus.
  3. We believe in serving each other as well as the community around us. Service to God and other human beings is the key activity in life that will bring true freedom and peace.
  4. We believe in being grace filled. To truly fulfill God’s will for our lives, we must exercise grace in all our relationships. This means that we are to love and forgive each other at all times.
  5. We believe in integrity. This is the choice to be honest and accountable in all that we say and do.
  6. We believe in being bible based. The Christian bible is the rule for life and faith.
  7. We believe in being family focused. God created us, male and female and intends for us to live healthy and productive lives in the context of family.
  8. We believe in empowering people in their walk toward wholeness by allowing their God-given gifts to be discovered and used in serving one another.
  9. We believe in worship. Celebrating our relationship with God through heart-felt worship through song and praise.
  10. We believe in being missionary focused. The good news of God’s love is of such importance that it needs to be shared not only with our family and friends, but with the whole world!